Research & Development

Research and Development

Denuco specializes in the development of customer-specific products. Working closely with our customers around the world, we create products that meet their demands and requirements. All our customers have different needs and different ways of using our products. Our customers' requirements and extensive knowledge of the ingredients used form the basis of our development.

Denuco has a standard range of products for general use. However, our flexibility allows us to develop innovative customer-specific products, even for small demands. We have extensive experience in the animal feed sector and specializes in the use of additives and ingredients to create products for the optimization of animal production.

Our expertise in ingredients combined with the latest technologies enables us to develop the most cost-effective products for monogastric and ruminant animals.

By maintaining close contacts with leading universities and research institutes around the world, Denuco stays at the cutting edge of the latest research and technologies. 

In cooperation with various research renowned institutes we conduct product trails to optimize our developments. These collaborations and tests trails guarantee that our products meet the latest insights in animal nutrition science and comply with the highest quality standards. 

Recently we have added a new range of products to our portfolio. An assortment of cleaning and disinfecting products used in a variety of agricultural applications.


Development of new concepts and products is an important activity of Denuco. Together with renowned international universities and institutes, existing and new concepts and applications are developed and tested.