Quality & Certification

Feed products

Feed safety and quality is essential in our business. Trough good manufacturing processes  and quality checks, both physical and analytical, Denuco is committed to produce in accordance with the highest quality requirements.

Our products are developed and produced according to the standards of FCA (formerly known as GMP), for which we are certified by SGS Belgium. Our FCA certificate is compatible with GMP+, FAMI QS and QS, among others.

View the certificate here.

Denuco is a member of BFA, the Belgian Feed Producers Association. BFA defends the interests of the feed producers and strives for the best way to produce animal feed. By analysing ingredients used in the production of animal feeds, BFA controls the safety of feed products. BFA's Annual Sampling Plan for all feed producers ensures regular analysis of finished products.

BFA is author of the quality manual for FCA and remains in close contact with all regulatory bodies in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world. More information on BFA can be found on their website www.bfa.be

Denuco is in close contact with the FAVV the (Belgian) Federal Agency for Safety in the Food Chain, which controls the food chain from animal feed to human food. FAVV grants Denuco production licenses and provides all documents necessary to export our products. More information about the FAVV can be found at www.favv.be

Our certification and contacts with mentioned organizations, guarantee the highest quality standards for our raw materials and finished products. It also ensures full traceability within the supply chain

Cleaning products

Denuclean Ox is a cleaning product that can be used for the cleaning of surfaces and animal drinking water systems (PT 4) and for the treatment of animal drinking water (PT5). For DenuClean Ox we have a biocide registration (BE-REG-01112) for the Belgian market for professional use (closed circuit).