Denuco supplies a broad range of feed additives for monogatrics and ruminants


Denuco supplies a range of cleaning and disinfecting products for agricultural application.


Denuco is a company specialized in the development en production of feed additives and complementary feed. We create innovative products to optimize production, with consideration for animal welfare and the environment.

Here you can find information about our company, all our products and our latest developments. You can find how to contact us. Please do so if you have any questions regarding our product or if you need a customized solution, even for small businesses.

Also you can find in-depth information about our products and download if necessary.


Denuco has a wide range of feed additives and complementary feed. More information about our products can be found at the product page.


Feed safety and quality is essential in our business. Trough good manufacturing processes  and quality checks, both physical and analytical, Denuco is committed to produce in accordance with the highest quality requirements.