Research & Development

Denuco specialises in custom made products and developments. Our staff has a lot of experience in the feed sector and knowledge about the use of ingredients for the optimization of animal production. The needs of our customers and the knowledge our ingredients are the basis for our developments. Each of our customers has different needs and different ways to use our products.

We have a standard range of products for general use. Our flexibility enables us to develop specialised products, also for small demands.

Our knowledge of ingredients in combination with the newest technologies gives us the ability to develop the most cost-effective products for monogastrics and ruminants.

Trough close contacts with universities from all over the world, we keep updated about the newest research and technologies.


Denuco develops and produces conform to the norms of FCA, for which we have been certified by SGS Belgium.

We are a member of BFA, the Belgian Feed Producers Association. BFA defends the interests of the feed producers and they strive for the best way to produce animal feed. They control the safety of the feed products by analyzing the ingredients that can be used in the production of animal feeds. They also have a sampling plan for all feed producers – samples of finished products are analysed conform their sampling plan. BFA has also made the quality manual for FCA and continues to stay in close contact with all regulatory organs in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

More information about BFA can be found on their website

We also have regular contact with the FAVV (FASFC), the (Belgian) Federal Agency for the Safety in the Food Chain. They control the Food Chain from Animal Feed to Human Food. Trough this organization we have our license to produce and they also supply all necessary documents needed for the export of our products. More information about the FAVV can be found on their website

Our certification and contacts with the organisations above ensure the highest quality standard of our raw materials and finished products, as well as full traceability within the chain.